Cloud Accounting Plans

Access your accounting software anywhere

Cloud Accounting Plans

Cloud Accoutning plans consist of accounting software that runs on our cloud platform, the benefits of this are that you can access your accounting at anytime and anywhere. The plan comes with the accounting software installed and ready for you to use.

You simply access the accounting software by navigating to your login page and logging in, its as simple as that.

Our system backs up all accounts at night so you will always have the peace of mind knowing you have backups if you need them

The hosted cloud accounting plan really is ideal with multi region and device access.

Just some of the features of the plan include unlimited access, unlimited bandwidth and database size, Front Accounting installed and ready with the username and password of your choice ready within minutes*

Cloud Accounting Software

Active Protection

The active protection and monitoring service provided with all Hosting The Internet products (Arcaydia) consists of multiple software layers and Networking tools operating in real time to monitor your services, ensuring that they are all up and running properly, analyzing servers performances for potential malfunctions even before they happen, In such unlikely cases a malfunction does occur the system notifies our engineers and attempts to rectify the problem itself immediately minimizing any service disruption.

Active protection also consists of hardware and software firewalls, anti virus and Spam monitoring*.

In the unlikely event of a service problem Arcaydia will attempt to repair the issue and notify our admin who will swiftly locate and fix the problem if needed ensuring the best service quality and up time for you.

Benefits of Cloud Accounting…

Access from anywhere
Backed up every night
Sales Orders
Purchase Orders
Several Companies

Hosted on the Super fast network
Machines equipped with SSD Drives
Unlimited Bandwidth
Customer Invoices/Credit Notes

Instant Activation*
Accounts Payable
Secure SSL access
Attach Company logos

*Terms & Conditions apply to all services Pro click to check Protection Status
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